Context is key to understanding the rationale behind certain public policy, and understanding this rationale provides a certain advantage when discussing policy with relevant stakeholders and policymakers.  Legislation and underlying statues are often timepieces of the periods in which they were drafted. By understanding why certain language was selected for certain legislation, or what statements were made in committee or floor proceedings decades ago may provide answers that are relevant to problems faced today. RSGR has the research experience needed to dig into the past for solutions to today’s problems.

RSGR offers the following legislative intent and research services.

  • Communicate with any relevant in-house personnel or third-party service providers to identify research topics.
  • Collaborate with staff at the Tennessee State Library and Archives to conduct through research.
  • Provide periodic updates on research efforts and any relevant discoveries.
  • Develop a comprehensive deliverable of significant findings in a timely manner.
  • Deliver any requested audio and/or video copies of committee and floor proceedings relevant to the identified research topics.