Some problems require comprehensive action plans that involve interface with some of the State’s highest elected officials. RSGR will work directly with your organization and any relevant legal and/or consulting third-party service providers to create an effective and collaborative path to a long-term policy solution. RSGR will communicate every step of the process to ensure the tactics deployed seek to further your organization’s unique mission, vision, and strategies.

RSGR will provide the following services to best achieve your organization’s policy goals.

  • Consult with your organization and relevant personnel to best identify the underlying policy issue.
  • Work alongside any existing attorneys and/or consultants to ensure all third parties are working to advance your organization’s interest.
  • Create a comprehensive action plan aimed to achieve the stated policy goals of your organization.
  • Collaborate with policymakers to introduce legislation that helps your organization achieve its policy goals.
  • Communicate any relevant discussions between stakeholders and policymakers on your organization’s behalf.
  • Provide updates on the status of any legislation relevant to your organization’s policy goals.